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Revolutionizing Prostate MRI with AI


qp-prostate is a unique, world-class decision support solution for radiologists, achieved through the combination of AI and prostate structured reporting.

Boosting radiologists' workflow through AI

qp-Prostate offers a fundamental change in the diagnosis of prostate cancer


Our Smart Rule Engine tool on the back end is designed for automated sorting and matching of prostate MR cases and sequences (T2-weighted, DWI, DCE), respectively.


To ensure the highest standards for quality of analysis, qp-Prostate runs several processing steps such as automatic AIF selection, registration, motion correction, or spatial smoothing algorithms.



qp-Prostate suite, powered by AI, allows to automatically detect prostate anatomy, identify potentially malignant regions, and carry out prostate segmentation - all of them editable by the user.​


qp-Prostate consists of a highly modular platform based on a plug-in software architecture, including post-processing modules for diffusion and perfusion analysis.


Prostate structured reporting feature allows for seamless completion of standard PI-RADS v2.1 templates.

Advanced features

The all-in-one AI platform in radiology

PACS Query / Retrieve​

This AI solution is seamlessly integrated with PACS making it part of daily clinical practice, by activating smart back-end rules engine to schedule post-processing tasks.​​

Vendor - Agnostic integration

qp-Prostate is compatible with all vendors and scanner generations to ensure its integration into the radiology workflow.​

Zero-footprint DICOM viewer

Our web-based DICOM viewer allows users to load, display and annotate DICOM files. It includes basic image manipulation, segmentation capabilities and advanced segmentation ones for prostate.​

Dataminer & Radiomics

Designed to provide advanced visual analytics of large databases of patients for population health management and scientific exploitation.​

Radiology report of the future

Seamlessly Built Into Your Workstation

Quantitative and Radiological Structured reporting

Complete your reporting with key images and quantitative data that support the diagnosis and the follow-up of the patient.

View all patient and clinical center information,  including modality, study description and general information at a glance.

Add patient´s medical history, symptomatology, previous examinations, treatment type, and PSA score. 

Include relevant clinical information in the free text comment field to obtain a comprehensive report.

Comment the technical information of the MRI acquisition (case comparison with a previous study) and grade the quality of the T2W, DCE and DWI sequences. Furthermore, define if the case is a follow-up study for treatment response.

Our AI-based segmentation tool automatically populates the size and volume of the prostate.

Indicate the number of lesions and draw a ROI representing their approximate size and location in either the base, middle, or apex sections. 

qp-Prostate summarizes the number of lesions and their PI-RADS score in a single table.

Obtain automatically quantitative values, such as volume [mL], mean ADC [mm2/s], and mean Ktrans [mm-1] from the previously drawn ROIs.

Include prognostic factors related to previous lesions, such as:

  • extracapsular extension
  • periprostatic neuro-vascular bundle involvement
  • seminal vesicle involvement
  • bladder neck
  • distal sphincter
  • other pelvis structures

Settle information like lymph nodes, bone metastases, and other relevant findings.

Natural Language Processing


Submit the diagnosis based on the study review and quantitative data extracted in the free text comment field.

Your full AI prostate cancer solution

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