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PI-RADS v2.1 compliant

 FDA 510(k) cleared solution for prostate MRI analysis based on Artificial Intelligence.

Revolutionizing Prostate MRI with AI

QP-Prostate® offers a fundamental change in the analysis of Prostate MRI by helping radiologists, urologists and oncologists at each step of the workflow.

Step 1.
Source images

QP-Prostate® automatically sorts and matches prostate MRI cases without disrupting radiology workflows. This AI solution seamlessly integrates with PACS, making it part of daily clinical practice.

The tool works with biparametric (T2+DWI and T2+DCE) or multiparametric (T2+DWI+DCE) MRI exams.

Step 2.

QP-Prostate® automatically runs processing steps, such as automatic AIF selection, registration and motion correction and spatial smoothing algorithms to improve image quality and minimize heterogeneity across vendors.

Our web-based DICOM viewer enables users to configure and modify the processing steps.

Step 3.
AI-based segmentation

The suite automatically detects prostate anatomy to identify and segment each prostate region: the transitional zone, peripheral zone and seminal vesicles, as well as other areas defined in the PI-RADS v2.1 guidelines.

QP-Prostate® AI algorithm, based on Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs),  provides automated regional prostate segmentation, helping clinicians involved in prostate MRI analysis.


Step 4.

This AI suite performs automated diffusion and perfusion analysis to extract clinically meaningful quantitative information from the MRI examination.

QP-Prostate® is a game-changing workflow system for radiologists, bringing all the analytical processes into one suite.

Final step.
Radiology report of the future

QP-Prostate® helps to easily complete prostate MRI structured reports following  PI-RADS v2.1 guidelines. The solution includes automated prostate volume calculation powered by AI, key images selection and quantitative imaging biomarkers of lesions for the best patient diagnosis.

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